Studying International Trade is a great option. This because it is a profession that provides the necessary knowledge to manage the commercial exchanges that take place between organizations. Said organizations are located in different parts of the world.

These activities are productive for the companies that carry them out. In addition, in areas such as agriculture, technology, platforms, and others, it also benefits the citizens who make use of these resources.

As you can see, by becoming a professional in International Trade, you will be part of the people who have a positive impact on their regions. This since your work will be directly related to inclusion in international markets that promote the economies of the countries involved.


5 Reasons to Study International Trade You Cannot Ignore!

Below, we will tell you 5 of our favorite reasons why we recommend you to study this.


1. Better economic income

According to information from glassdoor, the average national salary of a recently graduated Bachelor of International Commerce is 400 USD. On the other hand, someone with more experience earns up to 850 usd per month. This last amount far exceeds the average income of professionals in our country, which corresponds to 600 USD per month. (That is according to an analysis of 66 careers carried out by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness «IMCO«).

2. Make a way for different markets

As we mentioned at the beginning, International Trade is based on the exchange of goods and services between one country and another. In that way, this career will undoubtedly open the way to different markets from which you can learn to function optimally in the professional field.

This is one of the biggest advantages. According to your preparation, perseverance and discipline, there are many possibilities. You may even be able to get a job in a company abroad, which would imply even higher salaries and expand your network of contacts.


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3. Provides an approach to new languages

More than an approach, the fact that you have to develop in this professional field will encourage you to learn new languages. These languages are highly valued in the workplace as you may know, especially when you become a Bachelor of International Commerce.

There are several possibilities that in this industry you will have to interact with people from other countries. In that way, speaking languages ​​such as English, Portuguese, French or Chinese will give you multiple advantages that will help your professional development. Hence, choose a university that includes languages into their subjects and give it a try.

4. Promote constant travel

One of the things that most characterize the students of this degree is their taste and interest in seeing the world. In fact, the availability to travel is one of the most requested requirements when it comes to holding this type of position.

So, do you have no problem and (on the contrary) you would also like to know more about the industry in other countries? If your answer is «yes», you are choosing the ideal career.

5. It is a job generator

The fact that a company manages to make a deal with another at an international level is great news. This because, in addition to generating a new alliance, it will also be generating new income for the organization. And with this, more work.

In this area, we are not only referring to requiring more graduates in International Trade. Nevertheless, they will be able to provide work to those people who have knowledge of logistics, strategy, accounting, administration, industrial engineering, etc. Even if the treatment and new activities require it, new jobs can be generated for almost anyone.

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