We all know that studying is learning, but is it the only way to do it? Of course not! Obviously we are referring to that negative connotation of studying: that of memorizing, brooding… In fact, in the academic field it is usually studied to pass, so ineffective learning is finally obtained. And that leads nowhere. We have all uselessly memorized content to then blurt out and get away with an exam. And I am afraid that it is a way of learning that is not very recommended. This is why we will show you 5 tips to learn without studying.

If you can, choose a topic that you are passionate about. It may seem obvious, but sometimes they offer you the possibility of choosing the object of study or the theme of the exhibition and we end up resorting to something simple, so as not to complicate ourselves. That is a mistake! If you really want to take advantage of this dedication… Go for something that really interests you and makes you restless. Do not consider it as an obligation but as an opportunity!

5 Ways to Learn without Studying

1. Put the object of study into practice

If you conceive it as something useful or integrate it into your daily practice, you will strengthen that learning. Include it in your daily habits and establish routines. For example, in language learning you can watch your favorite series in the language you want to practice

Look for a practical approach. For example, if you are learning statistics, you could take as a reference for your calculations, the data of your favorite sport, the number of visits to your YouTube channels or any information about your family or close context.

2. Dynamize the content to learn without studying (literally)

In addition to using mnemonic rules based on your interests, there are a thousand ways to make the content more attractive and take it to your field. For example, if you like to draw, you can use Visual Thinking to order your ideas and organize your content. (As the colleagues from “Don’t tell me stories…Draw them to me” show us). And if music is your thing, do like the friends of “Sing and Learn.”

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3. Work in a group 

It is one of the most enriching ways of dealing with content. You get different points of view, contrast information and exchange interpretations. Learning has an irremediable social component. Get good use out of it. To do this, use:

  • Brainstorming
  • Discussions
  • Quiz contests
  • Oral presentations.

4. Investigate 

It is essential to achieve a high degree of motivation to guarantee an adequate learning pace, to do this expand knowledge, look for variants, news, success stories or real stories, related characters or places, curiosities

5. Take advantage of technology 

In these times it is almost impossible to learn without this being a key component. So, squeeze your chances to enhance the above tips. Find Games and apps related to the subject, use techniques like voice dictation to take notes easily, or turn to podcasts that you can listen to on the go. Create a WhatsApp group with colleagues to exchange links, news, infographics… Basically, it turns everyday use of technology into an excellent learning tool.

If you notice, turning the tables, you can use these same tips to design learning scenarios and ensure success.

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