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por | Ene 15, 2023

Perhaps you are asking: «what is splunk?» Well, here is another question: do want to study the Specialized Program Splunk Search Expert or did you just like the name of the title, if so? We will tell you what Splunk means.

What is Splunk?

Splunk is an advanced and effective technology for indexing and search logs stored in the system. We analyze machine-generated data and provide operational intelligence. The main advantage of using Splunk is that no database is required to store information, since, it stores data extensively using its indexes.

It is commonly used for IT operations, security, and compliance, as well as for monitoring and troubleshooting applications, networks, and other infrastructure. Splunk can also be used for business intelligence and data analytics, as well as for machine learning and other advanced analytics tasks. The company that developed and maintains Splunk is called Splunk Inc.

What You Will Learn in this Course Offered by Coursera?

Become a data search specialist, create an efficient search, create a correlation, visualize and use searches and sub-searches efficiently:

1. Learn to Research Data Efficiently

Investigate data using Splunk’s Search Processing Language (SPL) and create searches, reports, dashboards and visualizations.

2. Enrich the investigated data

Use temporary and durable fields in research and enrich the data with other fields from data sources.

3. Manage and schedule reports with the collected data

Make reports and notifications, try and plan to automate processes and respond to events as soon as they occur.

4. Print data in a graphical and understandable way

Learn how to use visual data to create tables, charts and maps. Use commands in visual format to select the appearance. We are sure that by learning about this wonderful course, your life will change in a positive way.

Remember that every day you learn and today is a new day and a new opportunity for improvement.

To access the link you can click here. We hope you learn a lot more from the brief content we show you about what is Splunk. It may be of your interest

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