If you are thinking of studying this career, you do not have to worry, since there are different ways in which you can develop in the workplace. Fortunately,  jobs for Architecture  are not focused on one thing, so you will have the option of choosing what to work on once you graduate from the degree.

Speaking of very general topics, as an architect you will be in charge of designing and supervising the construction of different structures, houses and buildings. For this you will have to be able to apply engineering and design principles, as well as have knowledge of materials, thermal and acoustic conditioning, budget management, and many other things at each stage of the execution of a project. This is why your field of work becomes so wide.

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Main Working Sectors for Architects

According to information from IMCO, the main sectors in which an architect works are:

  • Construction (with 36.6% of occupations),
  • Professional, financial and corporate services (24.6%),
  • Government and international organizations (9.2%),
  • Trade (8.8%)
  • Manufacturing industry (6.3%).

Jobs for Architecture – 4 Examples!

When you just graduate from this career, you will be able to work as a junior architect, perhaps giving support to draftsmen, as a construction supervisor, quoting materials, administrative assistant, etc. But once you achieve the necessary experience, you will be able to take on positions in:

  • Home Automation architecture

This field of work aims to incorporate technology into the design of homes. This is how the architect achieves that buildings can function in an automated manner hand in hand with technological systems for energy management, communications, security and interior well-being.

The architect who decides to work in this field can work for private clients or distributors of intelligent technologies. His job is to efficiently merge spaces with facilities, whether for new construction or remodeling.

  • Landscape architecture

Currently, landscape architects are in charge of designing both natural and urban environments. Their main objective is based on analyzing the natural and social processes of a certain space, this in order to provide each client with what they need.

Teamwork is essential for every architect, in this area, they even work with professionals from other areas, such as engineers, biologists and topographers to guarantee the viability of the project, as well as with agronomists, contractors and workers to supervise the building.

  • Restorative architect

The description might seem obvious, right? In this area, the architect is responsible for preserving in good condition all those historic buildings that exist, in such a way that their integrity and safety can be restored, of course, respecting their history and aesthetics through construction or technical processes.

These professionals often work for museum organizations, NGOs, government institutions, art galleries, and building owners. A restorative architect must have extensive methodological and planning knowledge based on the rescue and preservation of built heritage.

  • Town Planning

We have reached one of the most interesting areas: an architect who decides to work in urban planning, dedicates himself to drawing towns, cities and any space where social groups settle.

Best of all, the needs of those involved are always taken into account. That is mainly due to the population, the environment of the region, the economy, daily activities and future growth. An urban architect usually provides his services in government institutions at the federal, state or municipal level, although he can also work in the private sector as a consultant, and even work with neighborhood groups seeking to improve their neighborhoods.

These are just a few options, since you can also get involved in set architecture, interior design, sustainable architecture, etc.


Thanks for getting to this point! We are glad that you are interested in continuing to prepare yourself professionally through such an interesting university career as the Bachelor of Architecture. We are interested in you being able to graduate as a professional capable of facing the demands of the current market. And above all, being able to go a step forward in any of the architecture-related jobs you choose.

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