If you came to this article, is it because right now you have a question: «what is the difference between marketing strategy and marketing plan?» Well, these marketing concepts may be similar, but not equal.

Here you will understand in a brief and precise way how to clean up the tangles in your head, so make yourself comfortable to start reading the shortest, clearest and most concise article on the entire web.

Is There a Difference between Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan?

  • Marketing strategy. It is the general direction that guides a company in its planning and execution of its marketing plan. It is the long-term vision and describes how the company’s marketing objectives will be achieved
  • Marketing plan. On the other hand, it is a detailed document that describes how the marketing strategy will be carried out. It includes specific actions, budget, deadlines and responsibilities to achieve the marketing objectives.

In short, the marketing strategy is the general direction, while the marketing plan is the detailed action plan to carry out the strategy, which has been drawn from the general direction. So, the strategy sets the goal, and the plan must set how we will get closer to the set goal.

Are Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan still working?

Well, they continue to work the same way today as it did in the past. The strategy is still the overall direction and long-term vision, while the marketing plan is still the detailed action plan for carrying out the strategy.

With technological advances and changes in consumer habits, marketing plans and strategies have been restructured to take into account new marketing channels and tools. This includes digital marketing, marketing automation, personalization, and audience segmentation.


Why Are They So Important?

Marketing strategy is important because it provides a clear direction and long-term vision for the company. It allows the company to have a clear understanding of its position in the market, its objectives and how to achieve them.

The marketing plan is important because it provides detailed planning for carrying out the marketing strategy. It includes specific actions, budget, deadlines and responsibilities, which helps the company to stay focused on its objective and to achieve its objectives effectively.

In short, the marketing strategy and marketing plan are important because they provide clear direction, detailed planning, and help businesses achieve their goals effectively in a changing marketplace.

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